The project “Millenari Di Puglia”, embodies the protection of intrinsic value and inheritance of Apulia’s thousand years old olive trees, of the old hypogeum oil mills and the oil that is produced in this region.
The project revolves around landscape which is characterized by its enduring and centuries old olive trees. In our view Puglia can be considered one of the most fashionable and beautiful places within the Mediterranean area. The Regional Authority in Apulia was very aware of the great heritage of the land and in June 2007 enacted a regional Law (n. 14), concerning “the protection and appreciation of Apulia’s monumental olive trees landscape” , this was followed by a census of the centuries-old olive trees. The idea for the Millenari di Puglia project took inspiration from Regional Law and subsequent census. Commencing with the areas prescribed by Law as “monumental olive groves”, one of the first actions of the project required the identification and classification of olive tree plants that have a particular and predetermined dimension and trunk. These trees/groves will be of great touristic interest, and the information about them will be available on our website, along with other environmental and cultural heritage information such as farmhouses, old hypogeum oil mills, rock churches, protected areas and areas of natural beauty and interest.
Simultaneously the project will promote the oil obtained from these monumental plants paying special attention to the clear bond between product and oil maker. The systematic attention will be given to others areas in Monopoli, Fasano and Carovigno. The aim of the project “Millenari di Puglia” is the tutelage of the landscape , the promotion of both the olive oil produced by these trees and the territory. Itineraries will be developed which will provide information about the Region’s natural, historic and cultural heritage and to promote a sustainable use of the local territory.